Valentine Workshop

Short Description If you like making cards at our meetings, come to this one-day workshop to have more time and materials to make fantastic valentines to use at our February 13th meeting. We’ll use a variety of materials to make as many cards as you’d like – tissue paper, water colors, paints, pom poms etc.
Project Fee $0
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 10
Age Range All
Proposed Meeting Dates February 12, 1-3pm

Table Setting For Fair

Short Description Choose a theme, a favorite book, movie, or place for example and use your creativity to design a menu and place setting around it. Entries will be delivered to the fair on Saturday, June 11th.

Fair Guidelines: Single table setting limited to 24’x 24″ with a 15″ height limit.

A 24’x 24″ piece of sturdy cardboard, wood, or foam board covered with fabric or paper is required as the base of the setting. All components must be placed only on this board.

Include menu and related centerpiece. Use appropriate service & utensils and make sure the setting matches the items on the menu.

Nothing edible or alive may be a part of the display.

Judging Standards: 25% Overall Appearance, 50% Functionality, 25% Creativity

Project Fee None
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 8
Age Range 9-18
Proposed Meeting Dates Weekdays after school, flexible


Mending/ Sashiko/ Boro

Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) Revive old stuff with fun visible mending techniques. Add patches to your clothing or build entirely new cloth looks based on simple stitches and approaches that have stood the test of time.

Student materials:
•. bring an old pillow cover, cloth grocery bag or maybe a pair of pants or a jacket that might benefit from a bit of excitement or would be better if the hole was just fixed. –and we can do that…If you don’t have one, I can offer one.
• Scissors (prefer fabric scissors or really sharp ones but most will work)
• Large eye needles if you have them (I can also supply)
• An embroidery hoop of any size can be helpful but not required.

I will offer:
• Fabric swatches and fun yarn
• Large eye needles
• Old fabric bag or pillow cover if you need one
• A few embroidery hoops or find some as needed

Project Fee $5 or less
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 8 Kids
Age Range 9+
Proposed Meeting Dates SAT, Feb 11, 3:00-4:30
SAT, Mar 4, 2:00-3:30
SAT, Mar 11, 2:00-3:30
SAT, Mar 18, 2:00-3:30
SUN, April 2, 2:00-3:30 (make-up meeting ?)

4-H Stories

Short Description The goal of this project is to create a mini documentary highlighting the stories of people in our community who used to be in 4-H. We could also include stories of older members, like if they have a funny memory from a project they did. Kids will learn and practice skills including formal email writing, interview question writing, interviewing, recording, video editing, responsibility, leadership, and more. The aim is to have the video done by April 24, where we will premiere it at our club meeting.
Project Fee None
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 3 – 7
Age Range 6th grade +
Proposed Meeting Dates SUN, Feb 5 (5:00 – 6:00) ZOOM
SUN, Feb 12 (5:00 – 5:30) ZOOM
SUN, Feb 26 (5:00 – 5:30) ZOOM
SAT, Mar 11 (5:00 – 5:30) ZOOM
SUN, Mar 26 (5:00 – 5:30) ZOOM
SAT, Apr 15 (11:00 – 12:30) MAYBE IN PERSON
GOAL: Have video done by April 24 Club Meeting

Sparks Charts & Record Books

Short Description Join us to submit your 4-H experiences for awards at the local and state levels.

4-H offers pathways that encourage members to build on their achievements, try a variety of projects, and gain acknowledgment for their accomplishments and progress. Members can earn titles, pins, and patches and may take advantage of other opportunities. And it all starts with filling out FORMS.

In this project, we’ll team up to make forms FUN, taking on the new and very simple Sparks chart for all who wish to submit their participation in our club’s projects to the regional and state 4-H levels for recognition.

And for members who like to write, scrapbook, and generally make things, we’ll meet to create Record Books. Record Books comprise a nationally recognized component of 4-H. A member’s Record Book includes their Sparks chart, as well as personal reflections and a showcase of their experiences in club projects. For older members, leadership involvement makes up an additional aspect of the Record Book. We’ll get everyone started, so you can finish up over the Summer and submit by the deadline for judging in the Fall.

Your completed Record Book is submitted at various levels for judging. Most importantly, though, it lives on as an account of your growth, and creating it is useful experience; adults who were in 4-H as kids cite the making of Record Books as one of the most valuable learning practices they got out of their time in the organization. You can learn more about Record Books here:

Disclaimer: As a project leader, I’m new to 4-H recognitions. Let’s explore the wild world of incentives and Record Books together and enjoy some writing, making, and yes, filling out forms. Sign up for one or both.

For Record Book makers, if you do not have a Google ID and password, it’s best to create one before we start; we’ll use Google Docs for drafting. Each participant should bring a laptop if possible (we will have an extra or two).

Project Fee None–Bring a tote bag you can dedicate to keeping your materials together in one place, and bring a laptop if you have one you can use
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids none
Age Range 9-19
Proposed Meeting Dates Sparks Chart workshop day:
Sunday, April 30 10 a.m.-Noon
Location TBDRecord Book work days:
Sunday, May 21, & Sunday, June 4
10 a.m.-Noon
Location TBD

Natural Hillside Area

Short Description We will get to know this little natural and urban gem a bit better by wearing different types of glasses each time we meet. We will make as if we were a botanist, geologist, entomologist and ornithologist.

We will walk the same path each time and notice the differences, month after month. Parents will drop off at the bottom of the park, at the recycling center, and pick up in our secret spot, near a seasonal creek. Families are welcome to stay after 12 there for lunch and more nature connections. NB. We will highly recommend carpooling and also will encourage visiting the recycling center with the “Understanding our waste” on March 11 from 10-12

Project Fee none
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids minimum 5
Age Range No age limit but kids should be able to walk for 30 minutes and follow basic safety instructions
Proposed Meeting Dates SAT, February 4, 10:00-12:00 (botany: plants identification + native seeds sowing)
CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER, RESCHEDULED FOR FEB 12, 10-12 PMSAT, March 4, 10:00-12:00 (geology: walk with a geologist + creation of a witch circle)Optional: March 11SUN, March 26, 2:00-4:00 (entomology: insects identification in different habitats – woodland, seasonal creeks, open field…)

SAT, May 6, 10:00-12:00 (birds)

Presentation Day Workshop

Short Description Public speaking skills are ranked #1 among the skill sets of professionals, and Presentation Day provides a chance to improve those skills in a judgment-free environment while learning and teaching people about something you love and are passionate about.

Presentation Day is an annual Alameda County event. All 13 4-H clubs in Alameda County can participate. This year’s event will take place on March 3 over Zoom or on March 5 in-person at the Creekside Community Church in San Leandro. Some info can be found here: and you’ll also be receiving emails from the county soon about the event.

This is a fun event and we want to help you prepare! In this 3-day workshop, we will help you decide what kind of presentation to create, work with you to build it, and help you practice presenting it.

Project Fee Given the timing of the sessions, we might want to order pizza. We’ll poll the group after sign-ups are completed.
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids Min 3, Max 10
Age Range All Ages
Proposed Meeting Dates Wednesdays, February 8, 15 and March 1


Mini Bakery For Cloverbuds

Short Description Each participant will make a doll-shop/diorama of a bakery. We’ll paint our wooden figurine baker and cafe furniture, and we’ll make our baked goods out of polymer clay. We’ll also walk to the bakery a few blocks away to get a good look at what’s in the case there (and pick some treats for ourselves, of course!). Dress for a mess. Project is in Alameda. Indoors, masks optional; we’ll have some snacks outside. If you are not vaccinated, please perform one home antigen test 48 hours before each get-together and a second one right before.
Project Fee $20
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 6 max
Age Range 5-8
Proposed Meeting Dates Sunday, March 5, 9 a,m,-Noon

Sunday, March 12, 1:30-4:30


Cinema Club

Short Description Here is a video of the project leader explaining the project:

This is a club where we will watch a movie from a different genre each month. I will give 2-3 movie choices each month and we will vote as a group which one we will all watch.

We will watch on our own before each monthly meeting. During the meeting we will discuss the film, analyze and dissect it and share our opinions on it. I will research some facts about the movie to share with everyone during the meetings as well.

Movies will be G, PG or PG-13 rated.

Meetings will be 60 minutes starting at 10:30 am.

Project Fee $5 (for snacks during in person)
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 4/8 (so everyone has a chance to speak)
Age Range 12+
Proposed Meeting Dates 10/9 (in person) – scary/thriller
11/6 (in person) – drama
12/4 (zoom) – holiday
1/8 (zoom) – comedy
2/12 (zoom) – romance
3/5 (in person) – Oscar winner
4/2 (in person) – sci-fi


Short Description Participants will learn basic concepts of improvisational theatre (acting without a script) by learning theatre games and several improv forms and games. We will create community, create comedic and dramatic scenes on the spot, and laugh a lot together! Berkeley Marina – Shorebird Park Stage, University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94720
Project Fee $0
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 6 minimum/20 maximum
Age Range 10 and above
Proposed Meeting Dates October 16 (3:30-5:30)
October 22 (11:00-1:00)
November 12 (2:00-4:00)
November 19 (2:00-4:00) *Rainy day make-up session if needed*


Short Description During 4-H Weaving, new and continuing students will learn what different parts of the loom do and how a loom works as well as how to plan, measure, prep your loom, weave a piece of cloth or an inkle band. Students will all have the chance to work on a loom and complete a simple project. Returning students can begin or finish more complex projects. Kids will get a loom to work on and take that loom home to work on between project meetings.

Depending on student interest and timing, we may also explore: how to recognize and understand different textile techniques (e.g., weaving, tatting, knitting, bobbin lace, card weaving), as well as yarn chemistry—how to tell what a fiber is without a label

Project Fee No project fee, though if students have yarn they can work with that (not required)—all materials will be provided except for scissors, pencil, paper.
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 8 kids max
Age Range 10+, depending on space and prior fiber experience, age 9 students may be able to participate
Proposed Meeting Dates Meetings will be held in the back yard at my house, masked though we may do an initial meeting or quick (i.e., 30 min) interim check-in meetings to support project work over Zoom.

Oct 2, 16, 30, 1:00-3:00 pm


Short Description Would you like to go on a treasure hunt? Join the geocaching project! Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt where you use GPS coordinates to find hidden containers around your neighborhood. We’ll search for geocaches while exploring cool locations in our community, and at the end of the project, we’ll hide a cache of our own for other geocachers to find.
Project Fee none
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 3 min/12 max
Age Range 9-18
Proposed Meeting Dates Oct 29 (9am-noon) and Nov 5 (9am-noon). Make-up day if needed for weather: Dec 3 (9am-noon)


Miniatures Craft // Mini Bakery or Donut Shop

Short Description Each participant will make a doll-shop/diorama of a bakery at roughly 1:24 scale. We’ll make the shop, paint a wooden peg doll to run the place, and sculpt our baked goods with polymer clay. Project is drop-off in Alameda (East side; address will be shared by email). Indoors, masks required; we’ll have some snacks outside. If you are not vaccinated, please perform one home antigen test 48 hours before each get-together and a second one right before.
Project Fee $20 // Please reach out if the fee is an issue, and we can work something out.
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 8 max
Age Range 8 and up
Proposed Meeting Dates Sunday, Oct. 16, 10 a.m.-Noon

Sunday, Oct. 23, 10 a.m.-Noon

Sunday, Oct. 30, 10 a.m.-Noon



Come out for a group bicycle exploration of The Bay Trail. So far, we’ve ridden almost all of the trail from the San Mateo Bridge to Richmond. For those that are up for it, together we’ll plan a longer ride for the third outing on May 13.

WHO: anyone willing to ride 5-10 miles, possibly on some gravel roads.

WHAT: group bicycle ride to historically and / or naturally significant areas, discussing what we find along the way

Project Fee none
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids min 3, no max
Age Range 8 and up
Proposed Meeting Dates ***** NEW SPRING DATES *****
Saturday, March 25, 1:00-4:00
Sunday, April 30, 1:00-4:00
Saturday, May 13, 1:00-4:00Sunday, Nov 13, 1:00-3:00
Saturday, Dec 17 9:00-11:00


Quilting Project

Short Description We will explore quilt design. Each participant will select fabrics to sew together into a quilt top. Participants may use hand or machine sewing. Machines will be available during the meeting for use. No sewing experience is required to join.
Project Fee none
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 2-8
Age Range 8 and up
Proposed Meeting Dates Saturday October 8 10-12
Saturday October 15 10-12
Saturday Nov 5 1-3
Saturday December 10 10-12

Understanding Our Waste

Short Description We will visit places to better understand the waste we generate: a waste management facility, a recycling center, a wastewater treatment plant and a former construction dump. We will do various activities at each site, like sort our recycling, make kombucha at home to reduce our waste linked to beverages bottles and give an other life to our waste by crafting with it. We will also do a treasure hunt to see how nature can over-come a former dump.
Project Fee
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 6
Age Range 7 and up
Proposed Meeting Dates Marin Sanitary Service event
In person Sept 25, Sunday – San RafaelProject Intro and Marin review,
Zoom meeting Oct 3, Mon 5:30El Cerrito Recycling Center
In Person Oct 29, Sat 1-4 pmAlbany Bulb – Dec 4, Sun 1-4 pm
In person
+ EBMUD : TBD (it will be for kids 10 and up but we will also try to organize an online visit for the younger ones)


Intro to 4-H for Cloverbuds

Short Description This project is for our youngest members called Cloverbuds, members age 5-8.

This year’s Cloverbud project will be different from the past years. We’ll be using the 4-H iSprout curriculum and members will receive iSprout pins at the end of the project. The activities will center around the four main topics of Knowing Me, Knowing My Family, Knowing 4-H and Knowing My Community. Through this project, we hope to introduce Cloverbuds to some 4-H concepts, help them get to know one another, explain how 4-H projects work and allow them to sample some hands-on project activities, and support them in planning a simple service activity to reinforce the value of helping our community.

There will be 8 sessions, one per month. Locations vary.

Project Fee $65 for snacks, basic supplies, materials, iSprout pins.  The cost is high due to one particularly materials-heavy woodworking session.
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids min 3, no max
Age Range 5-8
Proposed Meeting Dates Meeting time will usually be 10:00-11:30
October 1
November 12
December 10
January 21
February 11
March 25
April 22
May 20


Oakland Community Garden

Short Description If you like gardening, want to learn about gardening, care about teaching communities about healthy food, or want to contribute to a service activity in the fresh, outdoor air, this project is for you!

This will be a work in progress. We will likely focus on one community garden in Oakland, perhaps in the Allendate neighborhood, and help the city to refurbish and revitalize the space. In the process, we may learn about growing food, harvesting, and even canning.

This project will be led by experienced community and home gardeners.
Sign up if you’d like to be part of this effort, and we will plan it out together.

Project Fee likely none
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 3 / none
Age Range All ages
Proposed Meeting Dates TBD. We will plan out the project together, based on the city’s needs, the project leaders’ vision and the group’s availability / interests.


Fore!-H Golf

Short Description This project will be taught by an experienced golf coach and golf instructor with the PGA HOPE program, where he introduces golf to veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

This will be a great introduction to the wonderful sport of golf! Or if you already have some experience with it, feel free to sign up too.

Our sessions will be segmented into three parts with practice on the putting green, in the short game chipping area, and the golf driving range.

In addition, during one of our sessions, we may connect with some veterans in the PGA HOPE program.

Project Fee none
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 3 /12
Age Range All ages (if under 7 year old, one parent must attend with the child)
Proposed Meeting Dates 4 sessions, 90 minutes each
October 9, Sunday, @ 1:30
October 23, Sunday, @ 1:30
November 13, Sunday, @ 10:00December 11, Sunday, @ 1:30March 19, Sunday @ 1:30May 7, Sunday @1:30

June 4, Sunday @1:30

Potential Date on April 23


Eating Around the World

Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) ZOOM

Come cook with us! The whole family can get involved in this fun activity. Sessions will have a “cultural or special food” theme and some will be led by teen leaders. Ingredient lists will be sent out in advance. The leader may explain the significance of the savory or sweet food and will demonstrate how to make it, and we will all follow along and make it too. This will be a great way to expand your culinary repertoire and have fun!

Project Fee None
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids Minimum of 4 kids, no max
Age Range All ages
Proposed Meeting Dates October 2, 11:00am: pupusas
November 6, 2:00pm: potato curry
December 4, 4:00pm: veggie and non-veggie buckwheat crepes
January 22, 12:00pm: TBD
February 5, 10:00am: Zero-Waste Cooking
March 12, 11:00am: lamb stew and Irish soda bread
April 1, 2:00pm: dutch baby


Lafayette Reservoir Tree Project

Short Description In November, EBMUD rangers will lead the club in planting new pear trees in the historic orchard at the base of the reservoir dam. We’ll learn about the native and non-native species, natural history of the area, and the work rangers do to protect our water supply.

We will also plant any buckeyes members have from last year’s seed collection.

Project Fee None
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids open to all
Age Range open to all
Proposed Meeting Dates pre-planting orientation TBD

Lafayette Res planting – November 19