Table Setting For Fair

Short Description Choose a theme, a favorite book, movie, or place for example and use your creativity to design a menu and place setting around it. Entries will be delivered to the fair on Saturday, June 11th.

Fair Guidelines: Single table setting limited to 24’x 24″ with a 15″ height limit.

A 24’x 24″ piece of sturdy cardboard, wood, or foam board covered with fabric or paper is required as the base of the setting. All components must be placed only on this board.

Include menu and related centerpiece. Use appropriate service & utensils and make sure the setting matches the items on the menu.

Nothing edible or alive may be a part of the display.

Judging Standards: 25% Overall Appearance, 50% Functionality, 25% Creativity

Project Fee None
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 8
Age Range 9-18
Proposed Meeting Dates Weekdays after school, flexible