Intro to 4-H for Cloverbuds

Short Description This project is for our youngest members called Cloverbuds, members age 5-8.

This year’s Cloverbud project will be different from the past years. We’ll be using the 4-H iSprout curriculum and members will receive iSprout pins at the end of the project. The activities will center around the four main topics of Knowing Me, Knowing My Family, Knowing 4-H and Knowing My Community. Through this project, we hope to introduce Cloverbuds to some 4-H concepts, help them get to know one another, explain how 4-H projects work and allow them to sample some hands-on project activities, and support them in planning a simple service activity to reinforce the value of helping our community.

There will be 8 sessions, one per month. Locations vary.

Project Fee $65 for snacks, basic supplies, materials, iSprout pins.  The cost is high due to one particularly materials-heavy woodworking session.
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids min 3, no max
Age Range 5-8
Proposed Meeting Dates Meeting time will usually be 10:00-11:30
October 1
November 12
December 10
January 21
February 11
March 25
April 22
May 20