Understanding Our Waste

Short Description We will visit places to better understand the waste we generate: a waste management facility, a recycling center, a wastewater treatment plant and a former construction dump. We will do various activities at each site, like sort our recycling, make kombucha at home to reduce our waste linked to beverages bottles and give an other life to our waste by crafting with it. We will also do a treasure hunt to see how nature can over-come a former dump.
Project Fee
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 6
Age Range 7 and up
Proposed Meeting Dates Marin Sanitary Service event
In person Sept 25, Sunday – San RafaelProject Intro and Marin review,
Zoom meeting Oct 3, Mon 5:30El Cerrito Recycling Center
In Person Oct 29, Sat 1-4 pmAlbany Bulb – Dec 4, Sun 1-4 pm
In person
+ EBMUD : TBD (it will be for kids 10 and up but we will also try to organize an online visit for the younger ones)