Cinema Club

Short Description Here is a video of the project leader explaining the project:

This is a club where we will watch a movie from a different genre each month. I will give 2-3 movie choices each month and we will vote as a group which one we will all watch.

We will watch on our own before each monthly meeting. During the meeting we will discuss the film, analyze and dissect it and share our opinions on it. I will research some facts about the movie to share with everyone during the meetings as well.

Movies will be G, PG or PG-13 rated.

Meetings will be 60 minutes starting at 10:30 am.

Project Fee $5 (for snacks during in person)
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 4/8 (so everyone has a chance to speak)
Age Range 12+
Proposed Meeting Dates 10/9 (in person) – scary/thriller
11/6 (in person) – drama
12/4 (zoom) – holiday
1/8 (zoom) – comedy
2/12 (zoom) – romance
3/5 (in person) – Oscar winner
4/2 (in person) – sci-fi