Get Out the Vote



2020 is the most important election of our lifetimes. For this 4-H project, we will be reaching out via the US mail to reach voters to compel them to vote in this extremely important election. Postcarding and letter writing to voters is easy and fun! And we can all do this from our homes. There are two campaigns that we can support: The Big Send and Postcards to Swing States. Both are non-partisan, but they do target Democrats, under-represented voters, as well as voters of color. We will meet for a kick off call and 1-2 more times to check in on progress. Join us to help out in this important project!

AGES:  All (Younger kids will need parent participation, but a great family activity!)

DATES:  First meeting will be an Acitivism 101 Zoom meeting(TBD, but soon), then we will check in 1-2 times to see how everyone is doing. Mail dates are 10/21, 10/26 are the Postcard mail dates and the Big Send is late October. All dates are potentially moving up due to delays in the mail. There is a kick off meeting with the Hamilton cast who are supporting this effort on 9/21 at 4:30 pm. You can register here:

PROJECT FEE:  $0.35 per postcard stamp or $0.55/ letter. For the Postcards to Swing States, I have all of the postcards and addresses and can distribute from my home in Berkeley. For the Big Send, you will need #10 envelopes and a printer to print out the core letters and then mail.