Intro to 4-H for Cloverbuds

Intro to 4-H for Cloverbuds
Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) This project is for our youngest members called Cloverbuds, members age 5-8.

We’ll be using the 4-H iSprout curriculum and members will receive iSprout pins at the end of the project. The activities will center around the four main topics of Knowing Me, Knowing My Family, Knowing 4-H and Knowing My Community. Through this project, we hope to introduce Cloverbuds to some 4-H concepts, help them get to know one another, allow them to sample some hands-on project activities, and support them in doing a simple service activity to reinforce the value of helping our community.

There will be 7 in-person sessions, one per month. Locations vary.

Estimated Project Fee $40-60 for snacks, supplies, materials, iSprout pins. Project fee will vary based on sign-ups and attendance. Actual amounts will be tracked throughout the project and a request for project fee payment will be sent at the end of the project.
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids min 3, no max
Age Range 5-8 years old
Proposed Meeting Dates All meetings on Sundays, 10:00-11:30; locations vary
October 8
November 12
December 10
January 21
February 11
March 24
April 21

Make Your Own Wooden Birdhouse

Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) We will build one bird house per kid. Depending on age and comfort with tools, the kids will either use only hand tools or possibly get to try out a chop saw. This is in person.
Project Fee Estimate $30 ($25 for wood and supplies, $5 for snacks). Actual amount will be tallied after the project and fee payment request will be emailed to project members.
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 3 min/ 8 max
Age Range All ages
Proposed Meeting Dates 2 sessions: 11/18 & 11/19, 9am – 12pm

Cardboard Creations

Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) Cardboard Creations is an ode to recycled art, and the wonders that can occur when we repurpose objects otherwise headed for the garbage bin. Each session we will use cardboard, other recycled materials, washi tape, paint, fabrics, pom poms and other fun things to make wild and wonderful creations. Possible sessions: shoe box theaters with popsicle stick puppets, box towns, giant donuts and self-portraits.
Project Fee $0
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 3 – 6
Age Range All
Proposed Meeting Dates After school on week days TBD

Eating Around the World

Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) Come cook with us over Zoom! The whole family can get involved in this fun activity. Sessions may have a “cultural or special food” theme and some will be led by teen leaders. Ingredient lists and prep instructions will be sent out a week in advance. The leader may explain the significance of the savory or sweet food and will demonstrate how to make it, and we will all follow along and make it too. This will be a great way to expand your culinary repertoire and have fun!
Project Fee none, participants buy their own ingredients
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 3 minimum, no max
Age Range All ages
Proposed Meeting Dates Saturday, October 7, 2:00-3:30 (vegetarian fried rice)
Saturday, November 4, 4:00 to 5:00 pm (Alfredo sauce)
Sunday, December 10, 2023, 2-4pm
Saturday, January 13, 10:00 to 12:00pm (boeuf bourguignon)
Saturday, January 27, 4:00 to 5:30pm (Singapore curry noodles and a meat dish)
Sunday, February 25, 4:00 to 5:00 pm (Bolivian Sajta de Pollo)
Sunday, March 10, 2:00 to 4:00 pm
Sunday, April 14, 4:00 to 5:30pm (Vietnamese imperial rolls w/ vegetarian option)

Community Gardening

Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) The goal of this project is to learn, together, how to grow, can, and produce food for our own consumption. If there is more than we can eat, perhaps we find ways to sell it (but that is not the priority). And we will also learn about different ways to consume what we grow, for instance, how plants can be used for medicine, for ceremony and cultural uses, and as cover crops to improve soil quality.

The main goal is that kids learn where food is coming from and how we all are part of the ecosystem respecting and honoring mother earth.

NOTE: Part of this project may be conducted in Spanish, if all project members are bilingual. If not, project will be conducted in English (with maybe a bit of Spanish mixed in 🙂

More info can be found in this document, including background info on the project leaders:

Project Fee $20-$30 per family (soil, seeds, tools)
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids min 3 / no max
Age Range All ages
Proposed Meeting Dates see document linked above

Mini Fruit Stand / Arts & Crafts Miniatures

Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) Each participant will make a doll-shop/diorama of a fruit stand. We’ll paint our wooden figurine grocer and shop furniture, and we’ll make our produce out of polymer clay. Dress for a mess. Project is in Alameda (East side; address will be shared by email). Indoors, masks optional; we’ll have some snacks/lunch. If you are not vaccinated, please perform one home antigen test 48 hours before each get-together and a second one right before.
Project Fee $20 // Please reach out if the fee is an issue, and we can work something out.
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 3 kids minimum / 8 kids maximum
Age Range 8 and up — Kids of Cloverbud age (5-7), please do not sign up for this project, as we will be bringing one just like it to a Cloverbud get-together this year. 🙂
Proposed Meeting Dates Oct. 14 & 21 // 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Sign up only if you can make both dates.

MOC Lego

Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) (MOC = My Own Creation = custom Lego creations)

Creative expression using a modular interlocking block system (Legos). As a group, we will share and review Lego build ideas, share techniques and resources for builds, experiment and give feedback, and have fun! There is a possible field trip in December to a Lego show in San Jose.

Requirements: BYO Legos. Small amount of pieces will be available.

Lego donations welcome! Any donations not used on projects will be re-homed to future builders.

Project Fee Possible fee for field trip
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids 3 minimum / 7 maximum
Age Range 9+ (if younger and very interested, let’s talk)
Proposed Meeting Dates Session 1 – Zoom
Sept. 25, Monday 5.30-7 p.m.
– Introductions, Lego experience
– “Modular interlocking block system”
– Tools for evaluating a build (playability, compatibility, function, story telling)
– useful pieces/blocks/units

Session 2 — Project leader’s house
October 1, Sunday, 10 a.m. – noon
– Group mini-challenges and technique exchange (partners, timed, animal, vehicle, plant)
– Review individual project goals
– Start building
– Feedback

Session 3 — Project leader’s house
November 5, Sunday, 4-6 p.m. (pizza, too?)
– Share creations
– feedback and brainstorms

Field Trip
– December 2 – San Jose – annual show


Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) We will explore quilt design. Each participant will select fabrics to sew together into a quilt top. Participants may use hand or machine sewing. Machines will be available during the meeting for use. No sewing experience is required to join.
Project Fee none
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids min 3 / max 8
Age Range 9 and up
Proposed Meeting Dates Sat Sept 30 2-5 Sat Oct 7 10-1 Sat Nov 4 10-1 Sun Dec 3 10-1

Raising Backyard Rabbits for Meat

Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) Rabbits! We’ll cover all aspects of raising rabbits in a backyard, from simple care and feeding, to how rabbits can contribute to your homestead living experience: making the best fertilizer in the world (poop!), and how to process rabbits. Participants will work on a rabbit skin to go home with. We’ll process a rabbit and cook with it. We’ll also have a chance to cuddle with baby bunnies.
Project Fee $10 for materials
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids min 2 kids / max 7 kids
Age Range 11+
Proposed Meeting Dates TBD (we will survey the interested families and come up with dates and times that work with the group)

FORE!-H Golf

Short Description (include whether this will be all online, all in-person, or a combo) OPEN TO NEW PARTICIPANTS AND RETURNING PROJECT PARTICIPANTS

This project will be taught by a golf coach at a HS in SF and golf instructor with the PGA HOPE program, where he introduces golf to veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

This will be a great introduction to the wonderful sport of golf! Or if you already have some experience with it, feel free to sign up too.

We will be meeting at Metropolitan Golf Links, 10051 Doolittle Dr, Oakland, CA 94603.

Our sessions will be segmented into three parts with practice on the putting green, in the short game chipping area, and the golf driving range.

In addition, during one of our sessions, we may connect with some veterans in the PGE HOPE program.

Project Fee $0
Minimum / Maximum Number of Kids min 3 kids / max 8 kids
Age Range All ages
Proposed Meeting Dates Sunday, Oct 22, 2-4 pm
Sunday, Nov 12, 2-4 pm
Sunday, Dec 17, 2-4 pm

Lafayette Reservoir Buckeye Tree Planting Project


In early December, EBMUD rangers will lead the club in collecting buckeye seeds at Lafayette Reservoir, learning about the unique species and the watershed along the way. Members will take the seeds home, and follow ranger direction to sprout the seeds and care for the plants through the winter. Seeds can be grown in repurposed 1-gallon containers, such as milk of juice bottles. Near the end of winter (March), club members will take the trees to Lafayette Reservoir and work with rangers to plant them.

AGES:  All ages

DATES: Seed collection: Sunday, December 5, 2021, 2-4 pm;  Tree planting: approx. March 2022


Eating Around the World


Come cook with us! The whole family can get involved in this fun activity. Sessions will have a “cultural or special food” theme and some will be led by teen leaders. Ingredient lists will be sent out in advance. The leader will explain the significance of the savory or sweet food and demonstrate how to make it, and we will all follow along and make it too. This will be a great way to have fun and expand your culinary repertoire.

AGES:  All ages, minimum 4 kids, no max

DATES:  All sessions over Zoom

  • Sunday, February 6, 1:30-3:30 (California bay nut truffles)
  • Sunday, March 6, 12:00-2:00 (Ecuadorian ceviche with cancha)
  • Sunday, April 3, 11:00-1:00 (TBD)
  • May date TBD (Japanese gyoza)

PROJECT FEE:  None, but you will have to buy your own ingredients



Come be a part of the fastest growing sport in the U.S.  Fun for all ages! No experience needed!  We will have 4 courts plus plenty of paddles and balls for everyone.  We will learn about serving, dinking, the kitchen (don’t go in there!)

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions if you aren’t sure this is for you (we assure you, it is!!)

AGES:  7+, minimum 4 kids, max 16 kids

DATES: Three Saturdays:  March 12, 19, 26, 2-4p at Bushrod Park, Oakland




We will hike 4 miles in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland on March 13, 5 miles in Wildcat Canyon on April 24, and 6 miles in Briones on May 22. All hikes will be on Sundays at 9:30 am. We will also learn about the history and geography of each park while we hike. Beforehand we’ll review some tips for successful hiking and what to bring along.

AGES:  10+, based on length of hikes (if your child is younger but can handle the distance, we can talk), minimum 3 kids, no max

DATES:  9:30-1:00 on March 13, April 24, May 22




Open to beginners and experienced knitters. Come learn to make fun things with yarn! Scarves, hats, placemats, blankets, socks, handmitts, washcloths…the possibilites are endless! We’ll help you figure out a small project to do based on your experience level.

AGES:  9+, minimum of 3 kids, max 6 kids

DATES:  All meetings on Sundays, 2:00-3:30: April 3, April 24, May 1, May 22.  We will meet outdoors at a park.


Homestead Farming


Project Goals and Content (specifics to be worked out based on youth interests):

  • Review urban/rural homesteading concept
  • Animals (sheep, guinea fowl, egg chickens, meat chickens, rabbits) and discuss goals, care, predators and lessons learned
  • Discuss meat chicken processing and equipment
  • Orchard: trees and crops (fruit trees, native trees, berries, vegetables, etc)
  • Grape vineyard and the process required to achieve a mature vineyard
  • Bees & honey processing process and equipment (TBD if we get into bees or not, depending on weather)
  • Greenhouse – propagating your own plants, trees, etc.
  • Discuss canning, preserving, etc. the bounty from property
  • Supper (between lunch and dinner) in backyard – i.e. individual pizzas or similar

AGES:  All ages, minimum 3 families, max 8 families

DATES:  April 23 and / or May 7, 11:00-5:00, plus a one-hour Zoom meeting to discuss logistics.  Location is in Sebastopol


Handscript and Shadowbox Collage


This project offers an introduction to free-hand cursive writing and elements of intricate collage technique. Project participants will create art pieces using hand lettering and three-dimensional collage to make a beautiful hand decorated and framed quotation in a shadow box. Students who have taken this project before are welcome to do so again. If desired, finished pieces can be entered in the 2022 Alameda County Fair. (Historically these pieces have been award winners!)

AGES:  10+, minimum 3 kids, max 6 kids

DATES:  Two Mondays, May 2 & 9, 3:30-6:30, Project leader’s backyard


Intro to 4-H for Cloverbuds


This project is for our youngest members called Cloverbuds, members ages 5-8. We will introduce Cloverbuds to some of the 4-H concepts, like the pledge, and talk about how our club works using hands-on activities, games and group discussions. There will be 6 sessions, roughtly one per month. We will strive to have the sessions be in-person and outdoors, but some may have to be via Zoom. The sessions will have the following themes: Introduction, Head, Heart, Hands, Health, and the County Fair.

AGES:  5-8, minimum 3 kids, no max

DATES:  Options will be Friday late afternoons or Saturday or Sunday mornings. Once the group is finalized, we will determine a schedule that works for the group.

PROJECT FEE:  $20 for materials and supplies



During the Drama Project, participants will learn a variety of theatre games and improvisations and will utilize creative play in order to spark ideas for original group-devised theatre pieces. At the end of the last meeting a “Show and Share” will be presented to families and friends. We will share part of the performance at the November club meeting, either through video or live on Zoom (Participants will decide how). This will be an in-person project on four weekend afternoons. Participants will be masked.

There is a possibility that we could use my school’s theatre space at Albany Middle School. If that works out, there will be a small project fee. Outside groups must rent the space. Also, I want to check everyone’s comfort level with meeting indoors. I would keep the doors open and the air purifier on in the theatre like I have been doing for school. If people are not comfortable with that, we could meet at Shorebird Park at the Berkeley Marina. There is a grassy field and a small stage we could use on a first come-first served basis. If we meet in a park, there will be no project fee. Masks will be required either way.

AGES:  This project is for ages 9 and up (If you are a mature 8 year old who really wants to do this, please sign up.); minimum 5 kids, maximum 15


  • Saturdays from 2-4
    • Oct. 9
    • Oct. 16
    • Oct. 23
    • Nov. 6
    • OR- I do have some Sundays available. Please sign up, and we will figure out times that work for everyone.

PROJECT FEE:  TBD, see note above



Craft + activism = craftivism. In this project we’ll explore what it means to be a “craftivist”. Each time you participate in crafting you are making a difference, whether it’s fighting against materialism or making items for charity or something betwixt and between. Crafting helps us to connect beyond ourselves. Whether we’re connecting with someone next door or across the globe. Craft and activism both take and inspire passion. When used as a joint force, they can quite possibly begin to slowly challenge and change things. We will work together to find causes that inspire us and ways for us to create in support of our passions.

AGES:  All; minimum 3 kids, max 8

PROPOSED DATES:  TBD – possibly weekend mornings

PROJECT FEE:  $10 (snacks/supplies)

Trash Hunters


Have you ever noticed the trash everywhere and wanted to do something about it? Here’s your chance! We will use grabbers and go around to different areas to pick up trash. I will provide the grabbers, trash bags, hand sanitizer, and gloves. Everyone is welcome to bring a lunch and snacks to enjoy outdoors. There will also be time to do some fun activities like throwing a frisbee around and other games. The project will be taking place on 2 Saturdays, weather permitting. All ages are welcome!!

AGES: All ages (Younger kids will need parent participation, but a great family activity!), minimum 3 kids, no max


  • Nov 13, 11:00-1:30
  • Dec 11, 11:00-1:30




Come out for a group bicycle exploration of The Bay Trail.

WHO: anyone willing to ride 5-10 miles, possibly on some gravel roads.

WHAT: group bicycle ride to historically and / or naturally significant areas. May include a scavenger hunt-style list.

AGES:  8 and up, minimum 3 kids, no max


  • Sunday, Nov 7, approx 9:00-11:00
  • Sunday, Dec 12, approx 9:00-11:00