Plant Power-Smart Design

On Thursday October 11th I did my second program in 4-H, the Plant Power Smart Design. A group of 8 boys and girls met at the Doug Adam’s Gallery in Berkeley, where we started and finished our time together.

First of all we had a small snack (health first!), and while we were eating we all had the opportunity to meet the awesome photographer that introduced herself and the gallery. The 2 adults of the 4-H program also talked us about the activities we would do during the 3 hours program. We moved on and we went to the Gallery. We saw some amazing pictures of different small things we could find in the nature. There were some, such as plants, that we knew what they were; however, we also saw some others that we had never seen before. We asked some questions to the artist and she answered always in a smart and interesting way.

When we had finished in the gallery, we started the next activity, personally the best one. We all followed the artist outdoors, where she sat down with a nature object and a piece of paper in her hands. She putted the paper in the floor and she started moving the object in different ways over this one, so that we could see the amazing shades it could form. We were all amazed because we had never payed attention to those little things. When she had told us how to do it, we all got some nature things of a full box and we did the same. But this wasn’t all! We also had to take pictures of the best shades we could form (use our hands but in a smart way, with head!) and share them with our partners (our heart also had to work) ;).

We then all joined again and spread into two groups. Our mission was to walk around the neighborhood and find and sketch plants and other interesting objects we found. Most of us almost didn’t have space left in the little paper books we had made just before going out! When we returned, it was almost time to leave and we did one last activity. In this one, each of us had to take a papyrus plant and some threads. One of the 4-H adults taught us how to decorate it and she told us that every round we did, we had to make a wish.

Just before leaving we shared our opinions and conclusions of the day; in only 3 hours we had learned many skills. When we shared our opinions, we all agreed that the best conclusion of the day was to ‘PAY ATTENTION, LITTLE THINGS CAN BE BIG’.

Finally, we all helped to clean up and we left with our papyrus and sketches to remember the day. But hold on: there’s two more sessions!