2 whole months of chickens

In May, 2017, Emeryville 4-H had a chicken project where everyone who had signed up for the chickens  project took chickens home to take care of them for two months. We had to create the place where the chickens would be out of a plastic bin and get our homes ready for the new born chicks. Then we went to a chicken store and picked our chickens. Me and my brother picked out a buff orpington (chirp) a black sex link (fig) and a road island red (goldpuff). While we took care of them, we played with them, cared for them and got pooped on – a lot. When it was time to let them go, we drove to Petaluma to SoMar Farms whose owners’ kids used to go to Escuela Bilingüe Internacional (the school the 4-H meetings are held) and had a tour of the farm and said goodbye to our chickens. Overall, this was a project that really gave me a taste of true responsibility, not eat any more chicken, and come closer to my brother (as we both helped take care of the chickens).