Dirt Science


Members camped overnight at SoMar Farms in Petaluma and learned about erosion control and land management on this working cattle ranch.  They helped with creek restoration by hauling stones and wood into a creek bed to help stabilize its banks. They also raked and seeded grass, staked wattles and installed plastic silt fencing.  After all their hard work, they got to swim in a pond, have a potluck dinner and roast marshmallows around a campfire.

EBI Chicken Coop Design


Project members were tasked with designing a chicken coop for a school in Emeryville called Escuela Bilingüe Internacional.  They researched different designs and features, visited local coops and asked the school about their needs.  They developed 2 design directions, presented their ideas to the school and eventually worked on refining one design, including a construction cost estimate.



Members learned about owls and their value as natural predators of rodents, instead of relying on rat poisons that harm people and the environment.  They dissected owl pellets and then re-constructed the skeletal bones they found.  They also built owl boxes and installed them at a winery in Moraga to encourage owls to roost there.




Members learned about different rabbit breeds, rabbit anatomy and how to care for them.  They had a visit from Judy from Rabbit Ears Pet Supply and Rescue who talked to them about rabbit care.  They also prepared a booth for Small Animal Field Day where they showed kids how to make hay bombs (enrichment toys for rabbits made out of hay).