Galactic Quest (4-H STEM Challenge)


Do you want to unlock the mysteries of space exploration?! Join Galactic Quest! You’ll participate in four space-related activities: Stellar Optics, Cipher Space, Astro Adventure, and Cosmic Claw. In Stellar Optics we’ll start with the stars. We’ll explore principles of light and construct a simple telescope. In Cipher Space we’ll learn about concepts of cybersecurity and protecting assets in space. You’ll use a Caesar cipher wheel to decode a secret message and encrypt and decipher words. In Astro Adventure we’ll play a board game about the resources needed for space exploration and where they can be found. Finally, in Cosmic Claw you’ll use the Engineering Design Process to design, build, and operate a robotic claw. Cool, right?

AGES: 3rd grade and up, minimum 5 kids, no max

PROPOSED DATES:  We will probably meet outside at a park in South Berkeley

  • Sat. 11/13, 2-4pm
  • Sat. 11/20, 2-3:30pm
  • Sat. 12/4, 2-3:30pm

PROJECT FEE:  $20 for the kit