During the Drama Project, participants will learn a variety of theatre games and improvisations and will utilize creative play in order to spark ideas for original group-devised theatre pieces. At the end of the last meeting a “Show and Share” will be presented to families and friends. We will share part of the performance at the November club meeting, either through video or live on Zoom (Participants will decide how). This will be an in-person project on four weekend afternoons. Participants will be masked.

There is a possibility that we could use my school’s theatre space at Albany Middle School. If that works out, there will be a small project fee. Outside groups must rent the space. Also, I want to check everyone’s comfort level with meeting indoors. I would keep the doors open and the air purifier on in the theatre like I have been doing for school. If people are not comfortable with that, we could meet at Shorebird Park at the Berkeley Marina. There is a grassy field and a small stage we could use on a first come-first served basis. If we meet in a park, there will be no project fee. Masks will be required either way.

AGES:  This project is for ages 9 and up (If you are a mature 8 year old who really wants to do this, please sign up.); minimum 5 kids, maximum 15


  • Saturdays from 2-4
    • Oct. 9
    • Oct. 16
    • Oct. 23
    • Nov. 6
    • OR- I do have some Sundays available. Please sign up, and we will figure out times that work for everyone.

PROJECT FEE:  TBD, see note above