Eating Around the World




Come cook with us! The whole family can get involved in this fun activity. Sessions will have a “cultural or special food” theme and some will be led by teen leaders. Ingredient lists will be sent out in advance. The leader will explain the significance of the savory or sweet food and demonstrate how to make it, and we will all follow along and make it too. This will be a great way to have fun and expand your culinary repertoire.

AGES:  All (4 kids minimum / no max)

DATES:  Sundays

  • Oct 25:  Thai Pumpkin Curry
  • Nov 15:  Aloo Paratha
  • Dec 13:  Three types of empanadas
  • Jan 17: Chicken tortilla soup
  • Feb 7:  traditional Dutch mennonite cookie called Peppernuts
  • Apr 18: Îles flottantes (French dessert, “floating islands”)

PROJECT FEE:  None.  Families will purchase their own ingredients.