Introduction to Weaving, Fall and Spring




Students will learn how to plan, measure, prep your loom, weave a piece of cloth or an inkle band. In addition, they may learn how to recognize and understand the different textile techniques (eg weaving, tatting, knitting, bobbin lace, card weaving), what the different parts of the loom do and how a loom works, yarn chemistry (how to tell what a fiber is without a label).

AGES:  10 and up, 6 kids max


  • Oct 10 (Zoom), time TBD
  • Meeting 2: In-person to set up looms
  • Meetings 3-5 (Zoom): group weaving and Q&A
  • Individual meetings as needed to finish the project
  • Continuation of project in the Spring of 2021 for new members and those wishing to continue

PROJECT FEE:  None.  Families will need to purchase their own yarn.