Introduction to Social Media through Ancient Paper Scrolls (CANCELLED)

This project is a combination of three things: looking at art, talking about and experimenting with social media, and playing fun games. You don’t have to have a phone or know anything about social media or ancient paper scrolls. The idea is to de-mystify social media and, at the same time, understand its draw by looking at similar things that have been around for ages, as scrolls, for example. You may ask: what do ancient paper scrolls have to do with modern Instagram or Snapchat? Apparently, they share a similar principle of communication.  This particular group of Chinese paper scrolls at the BAMPFA collection functions as a common platform for collaboration. A scroll may contain works of several people done over the years: a painting of a landscape done by an artist, a poem describing the painting done by a poet, a commentary on both done by a critic. A pre-modern way of Instagram-ing!

AGES:  10+, min 4 / max 8 kids


  • March 6, 4-6 pm at Project Leader’s House
  • March 13, 4-6 pm at BAMPFA
  • March 20, 4-6 pm at Project Leader’s House

LOCATIONS:  BAMPFA and Project Leader’s House in North Berkeley