February 13, 2017

  • President called the meeting to order at 535pm
  • VP led the 4-H pledge and handshake
  • Secretary welcomed new faces
  • Secretaries Read Minutes from January meeting
    • X made a motion to approve
    • Y seconded the motion
    • After a vote, the motion carried
  • Member read the Treasurer’s Report (since Treasurer could not attend.  We paid our program fees this month of about $3000.  We have $2859.96 in our operating budget.  (Coop construction fees are kept separately)

Upcoming Happenings and Announcements

  • Secretary announced the next Community Club Meeting – Monday March 20, 2017
  • VP announced the Bay Street Farmers’ Market opportunity:  April 15
  • We had two Project Reports:
    • Coop FUNraising Update:  entire team plus EBI CFO who thanked us for the effort and said she was proud of our efforts and what we learned
    • Coop Construction Update:  Member shared the update and announced that the project has begun.
  • Member and Member presented their Presentation Day report on Bacon; they received a Gold award and were invited to the next level
  • Adult reviewed the upcoming County Events because Adult wasn’t there
  • Adult reminded us about Las Posadas 4H camp.  Registration starts 4/1 for Ages 9 and up.

Cool Person from Our Community:  (lawyer).

  • Uncommon Law – talk to people in Jail and talk to the managers to help them get out of jail and not go back
  • Not all people in jail are guilty.  Some are.
  • When he started talking to people in jail, he thought they might be mean but he found out they are actually nice – just people
  • He has been doing this more than 10 years
  • Lots of children and adults asked questions

Meeting adjourned at 6:40pm

  • X made a motion
  • Y seconded
  • After a vote, motion carried

Kids were asked and invited to make Valentine’s Day card for the Senior Center who will deliver the cards to seniors receiving Meals on Wheels and others.