Get Out the Vote


2020 is the most important election of our lifetimes. For this 4-H project, we will be reaching out via the US mail to reach voters to compel them to vote in this extremely important election. Postcarding and letter writing to voters is easy and fun! And we can all do this from our homes. There are two campaigns that we can support: The Big Send and Postcards to Swing States. Both are non-partisan, but they do target Democrats, under-represented voters, as well as voters of color. We will meet for a kick off call and 1-2 more times to check in on progress. Join us to help out in this important project!

AGES:  All (Younger kids will need parent participation, but a great family activity!)

DATES:  First meeting will be an Acitivism 101 Zoom meeting(TBD, but soon), then we will check in 1-2 times to see how everyone is doing. Mail dates are 10/21, 10/26 are the Postcard mail dates and the Big Send is late October. All dates are potentially moving up due to delays in the mail. There is a kick off meeting with the Hamilton cast who are supporting this effort on 9/21 at 4:30 pm. You can register here:

PROJECT FEE:  $0.35 per postcard stamp or $0.55/ letter. For the Postcards to Swing States, I have all of the postcards and addresses and can distribute from my home in Berkeley. For the Big Send, you will need #10 envelopes and a printer to print out the core letters and then mail.

Fairy Doors


Each participant will build a fariy door somewhere in their neighborhood. Typical spots for fairy doors can be trunks of trees, bases of a house or flower pot, anywhere that touches the ground. We will then share the geolocation with each other (and the club) and have a scavenger hunt of sorts to find each other’s doors.

AGES:  All, but parent help may be needed for younger kids, 4 kids minimum, no max


PROJECT FEE:  TBD, project leader may create kits for each participant, and if so, there will be a small fee

Introduction to Weaving


Students will learn how to plan, measure, prep your loom, weave a piece of cloth or an inkle band. In addition, they may learn how to recognize and understand the different textile techniques (eg weaving, tatting, knitting, bobbin lace, card weaving), what the different parts of the loom do and how a loom works, yarn chemistry (how to tell what a fiber is without a label).

AGES:  10 and up, 6 kids max


  • Oct 10 (Zoom), time TBD
  • Meeting 2: In-person to set up looms
  • Meetings 3-5 (Zoom): group weaving and Q&A
  • Individual meetings as needed to finish the project

PROJECT FEE:  None.  Families will need to purchase their own yarn.

Gardening Arts & Crafts


Over four 1.5 hour meetings, we will learn about succulent propagation, seed incubation, general plant upkeep, and much more! Add in some cool recycling arts and crafts projects and this is sure to leaf you with a smile.

AGES:  2nd grade and up, minimum 3 kids, max 10

DATES:  All sessions 3:30-5:00

  • Oct 17, 24
  • Nov 1, 7


Biking on the Bay


Let’s bike along the Bay Trail and learn about how people and our cities interact with our natural setting. We’ll explore three different East Bay segments of the trail, taking breaks to make observations. We’ll review bike safety at the start of each ride. Length of the rides will depend on the group’s collective ability. All rides will be from 9 a.m. to noon, and return to the starting point.

AGES:  8 and up, minimum 3 kids, max 8

DATES:  All rides 9:00-12:00

  • Saturday, October 3 – Dotson Family Marsh Staging Area, Point Pinole Regional Shoreline
  • Sunday, October 18 – Berkeley to Albany
  • Sunday, November 8 – San Leandro Slough


Trash Hunters


Have you ever been to the Marina and noticed the trash everywhere and wanted to do something about it? Here’s your chance! We will use grabbers and go around the Marina to pick up trash. I will provide the grabbers, trash bags, hand sanitizer, and gloves. Everyone is welcome to bring a lunch and snacks to enjoy outdoors. There will also be time to do some fun activities like throwing a frisbee around and possible water play if the weather permits. The project will be taking place on 2 Saturdays at the Berkeley Marina. All ages are welcome!!

AGES:  All (Younger kids will need parent participation, but a great family activity!), minimum 3 kids, max 10 (including adults)


  • Oct 17
  • Nov 14

PROJECT FEE:  $10 for grabbers, trash bags, gloves, hand sanitizer

Intro to Silk Screen and Block Printing


For this project we will learn basic silk screening skills like what is mesh count, emulsion, screen area, squeegee, scoop coater and more. We will make DIY screens at home plus simple block printing on paper or fabric. Take an online tour of screen printing studio and demo from a working studio artist. Final project design and print one color designs on tote bags or t-shirt to raise money for Emeryville 4-H club. The cost is for materials needed for the class which include screen, ink, transparencies, embroidery hoop, screen fabric, scrap paper, tote bag, mod podge. I will deliver materials for the students to use at home.

AGES:  5th grade and up, 4 kids max


  • Oct 25, 2:00-4:00 pm
  • Nov 15, 2:00-4:00 pm
  • Dec 6 or 12

PROJECT FEE:  about $30 for materials

Mars Base Camp (4-H STEM Challenge)


Activities in this project explore sending a mission to Mars. There are four main activities: Mars exploration by modeling launching, landing and exploring the planet’s surface; using engineering design principles to build and drive a rover; a game that teaches about Mars’ natural environment and agriculture; and a coding activity where participants created animated stories about what they’ve learned in the project. Ideally we will meet in-person, but online is also a possibility; depends on numbers and participants’ comfort levels.

AGES:  8-14


  • Oct 31, 2:00-4:00
  • Nov 14
  • Dec 12
  • Jan 9

PROJECT FEE:  $5-20 for materials, depending on whether online or in-person

Donkey Toes Publishing


This will be an online project where we will write short stories. To facilitate creativity we will play games, do writing excersises and create art to illustrate the short stories. At the end of the project we will publish a collection of all the short stories in one book through Blurb publishing.

AGES:  9 and up (4 kids minimum, 8 max)

DATES:  Saturdays, time TBD

  • Oct 24
  • Nov 7, 21
  • Dec 5
  • Jan 9, 23
  • Feb 6, 20

PROJECT FEE:  None, but families will need to purchase their own book at the end of the project if they choose.

Eating Around the World


Come cook with us! The whole family can get involved in this fun activity. Sessions will have a “cultural or special food” theme and some will be led by teen leaders. Ingredient lists will be sent out in advance. The leader will explain the significance of the savory or sweet food and demonstrate how to make it, and we will all follow along and make it too. This will be a great way to have fun and expand your culinary repertoire.

AGES:  All (4 kids minimum / no max)

DATES:  Sundays

  • Oct 25:  Fall theme food
  • Nov 15:  TBD
  • Dec 13, 1:00-4:00:  three types of empanadas
  • Jan 17: TBC, maybe flautas
  • Feb date:  traditional Dutch mennonite cookie called the Pepperoni

PROJECT FEE:  None.  Families will purchase their own ingredients.