Cool Person from the Community


At many of our monthly club meetings, we ask a “cool person from our community” to speak to the members about what they do or about an interesting experience they’ve had.  We’ve had a diverse array of speakers:

  • a computational scientist modeling ice sheet melt at Lawrence Berkeley Lab
  • a filmmaker
  • an entomologist who met his wife in 4-H
  • a cosmologist
  • a man from Imperfect Produce dressed up as a carrot
  • a climate change intern with the City of Emeryville
  • a Search and Rescue volunteer
  • a lawyer working with prisoners through Uncommon Law
  • the owner of Energy Solutions who talked about his rafting trip
  • a homeschooled member who talked about homeschooling and her cross-country train trip
  • a 4-H alum and ex-President of Montclair 4-H who talked about her summer internship caring for animals in South Africa
  • a volunteer zookeeper from the Oakland Zoo
  • a Bay Area comedian

Know someone cool from the community?  Put us in touch:!