Botany of Las Posadas (Oaktown 4-H project)


Join the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) on a walk through the property of Los Posadas forest.  We will search out the local flora, focusing on trees that define the ecosystems.  Plant ID and geolocating using iNaturalist app ( a citizen science  app  of the CA Academy of Sciences).  We will also focus on identifying CA endemic plants, over a dozen rare/endangered species exist in the LP Forest.  We will trek to ecosystems unique to the California coast ranges, possible to include the serpentine forest.  They say, you protect what you know.  There’s a lot to get to know in this wonderful, rare forest that the kids call home for a week each summer.

AGES:  All


  • Huckleberry Hike, Sunday, February 2
  • Las Posadas Overnight, March 7-8
  • Follow-up Meeting TBD